What to Do with Leftover Chicken Pieces

Cook a nice plump chicken for the Sunday roast and there’s a good chance you’ll be left with pieces of

meat and wonder what to do with them. Do you create your ‘infamous’ Monday night curry or simply

pile the chicken on a sandwich and take it to work with you the next day?

Ignore both of these options, we’ve got bigger and better plans for your chicken at The Cookware

Company, they’re tasty, simple to make and less stodgy than a sandwich as well!

Chicken stir-fry

This is the healthier option to a curry and it’s really easy to make. Buy a selection of vegetables –

peppers, mushrooms and bean sprouts are good, chuck it all in a wok along with a few cashew nuts

and a stir-fry sauce and give it a blast for a few minutes over a hot hob. Serve with a selection of rice or

noodles and turn a boring Monday night into a genuine treat…

Tray bake chicken

Add the leftover chicken pieces, any spare roasties, veggies and sliced up onions to a baking tray, throw

in some garlic cloves (smashed not chopped) and drizzle with olive oil or add a little flavour like lemon

juice. You could go down the exotic route and flavour the tray bake with teriyaki sauce to give it a

slightly sweet and salty taste, just bake it in the oven with your choice of sauce and the chicken and

other leftovers will taste amazing.

Chicken with pasta

Another really simple dish that tastes good and speedy to make. Cook your favourite pasta whether

that is tubular penne, twisty fusilli or spiralling rotini, drain and return the pan. Throw in the cookedchicken, add a little chorizo and pour in a tomato sauce. Stir together and gradually warm through the

ingredients, you could replace the chorizo and tomato sauce with pieces of ham and a cheese sauce if

you prefer. Serve with a side salad, garlic bread and a cheeky glass of wine, go on, you know it makes


We love these simple but tasty recipes for leftover chicken at The Cookware Shop, hope you do too,

please feel free to drop us a line with your favourite leftover recipe ideas.

Bon appetite!