Seasoning a Pan
The most economic and often the most long lasting pans are those made of cast iron or carbon steel. An indication of their value is in every commercial kitchen where they are banged,bashed set light to, and generally abused but they last for years. They are also considerably cheaper than their stainless steel or non-stick […]
What is the Right Roasting Tray?
It seems simple enough: you need a pan big enough to fit your leg of lamb or whole turkey. But choosing the right roasting pan for your next Sunday roast can prove slightly more complicated than just finding one with adequate dimensions. To begin with, there’s the material from which it’s made. Non-stick roasting trays […]
Making a Piping Bag
This bag can be made to any size that you require by changing the dimensions of the sheet of paper. The better quality the greaseproof paper the stronger and more resilient the bag. A large bag will pipe potato, meringue, choux paste etc. and a medium bag will pipe buttercream for muffins or fairy cakes […]
Cooking on a Budget
We are hearing everyday that Irelands budget is going to be tough and so with economy in mind here are some money saving ideas. 1) Go for cheaper cuts of meat such as breast of lamb, liver (lamb or pigs) belly of pork, neck of lamb, skirt of beef, sausages etc. 2) Look for ways […]
5 Must Have Kitchen Items
JUST MOVED INTO A NEW HOUSE? OVERWHELMED BY ALL THE COOKING EQUIPMENT YOU THINK YOU NEED? DON’T WORRY, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED Have you just moved into a new apartment/house? Is the kitchen completely bare of equipment and accessories? Don’t have a clue what you’re going to need? Well fear not, we’re here to help. […]
How to Store Dry Foods
Dry foods such as pasta and rice are brilliant store cupboard foods that allow you to create a multitude of fantastic, tasty meals quickly and easily. If they’re stored correctly they can last an incredibly long time. However, incorrect storage can result in your dry foods spoiling prematurely. We’ve put together this short guide to […]

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