Beechwood sauce spoon

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A sauce spoon is designed to scrape into the corner of saucepans ensuring all ingredients are well mixed

Wooden spoons are one of the oldest and most basic cooking utensils and a must-have in every kitchen. The benefits of cooking with spoons made from wood—as opposed to metal or plastic—are many: They won’t scratch pots and pans and are safe to use with nonstick surfaces, they won’t melt in boiling soups and stay cool to the touch even when left in a hot pot, and they’re strong and durable, sturdy enough to stir stiff batters and scrape cooked-on food from the bottom of a pot.

Solid wood spoons need to be hand-washed since dishwashers can dry them out and cause them to crack or split, but they should last for many years with the proper care.

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