Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight Ingredients flavourless oil for the tray 500g granulated sugar ½ tsp cream of tartar 120g cornflour, plus extra for dusting ½ tsp rosewater (or 2 tbsp rose syrup) pink food colouring, if not using the rose syrup icing sugar, for dusting Method 1. Oil a shallow square metal or silicone baking tray, about […]

Almond Paste vs Marzipan

Making Marzipan from Scratch Marzipan is an almond-based confection used as a filling for candy centers, but it can also be used to cover cakes and form edible decorative desserts. Marzipan’s base is made up of almond paste, so it has a richer and nuttier flavor than normal fondant. Its soft, clay-like texture can be […]

More Halloween treats…Intestines

These are easily made with packet puff pastry. Roll into 3″ strips and sprinkle with a little cheese, roll up with the cheese inside keeping the rolls as long as possible. Pack into a dish and cook in the oven avoiding too much colouring. Using food colouring or tomato ketchup add a suitable amount of […]

Home made sweets

Home made sweets make a very special present for any occasion. The following can be made with very little equipment and can look exceptionally professional with just a little practice and some care. They also make an ideal gift for fund raising an imaginative alternative to a madiera sponge. Marzipan fruit, marzipan stuffed dates, toasted […]

Salt and caramel with whiskey bread and butter pudding

Salted caramel whiskey bread and butter pudding. Ingredients 100g raisins 120ml Irish whiskey 400g unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus extra for greasing  5 eggs 480ml double cream 225g granulated sugar ½ tsp ground cinnamon ¼ tsp ground nutmeg 1 tsp vanilla extract 9 slices white bread with crusts still on Whiskey sauce 110g unsalted […]

The Trials of Measuring!!

Weights and Measures. In Ireland we live in a strange bi-lingual world of weights and measures. Different products are measured in either imperial or metric or both. We buy greaseproof paper and cling film in metres but bakeware is often referred to in inches.  As a cook you’ll encounter different units of measure, especially if […]

Chocolate liqueur and bitter orange cake

vanille cake,bundt pan mold,bitter orange,cream,chocolate,

A plain vanilla sponge cake drizzled with a delicious sauce and serve with whipped cream.  For the sauce mix creme d’cacao with some zest of orange and a little cointreau. Warm in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water add some dark chocolate and a small knob of butter to give the sauce a […]

Christmas cake with a difference!!

Celebration cake,Bundt pan,

Pine Forest Celebration Cake Firstly pine forest Bundt pan lends itself to a number of different celebration events. Very fine detail means that decoration needs only a dusting of icing sugar. Makes a wonderful Christmas cake. Finally experiment with recipes such as Autumn nuts and spice or Cappuccino coffee. Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin