Care and sharpening of knives

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To describe how to sharpen kitchen knives using text only is extremely difficult and so my first advice would be to search youtube for a suitable demonstration video. However there are some pointers that I can give you:-

  •  All your knives should be sharp, dull edge knives are dangerous.
  • You should practice sharpening a knife regularly, if not every time you pick it up, certainly whenever you use it.
  • Although a quality knife makes sharpening easier all knives including hollow edge and serrated can be sharpened.
  • There is a wide range of sharpeners available to buy the cost of these often reflecting their quality and efficiency.
  • Good knives deserve a quality sharpener and the investment will not only produce good results but also extend the life of your knives.
  • You can of course use everyday items to sharpen your knives, eg. the back of another knife, the bottom       ( not glazed) of a cup or mug, a sharpening stone (for chisels), fine sand/wet and dry paper.
  • We sharpen and rehone knives in the shop for a small fee often giving neglected knives a new lease of life.
  • Do not store knives in a drawer.

I will shortly post a blog on sharpeners and their various merits.