Easter traditions and Beliefs – Good Friday

Here’s a list of Easter traditions and beliefs. Some are religious, some purely social and some of seem based mainly on old superstitions:


  • Cleaning the house completely (“spring cleaning”), sometimes as a preparation for an old ceremony where a local priest comes to bless the house.
  • Planting a small quantity of seed (crops not flowers) to create a blessing on the family.
  • Avoiding any possible bloodshed by doing no work with tools.
  • Go To Confession and remain quiet for part of the day.
  • Holy well water is said to have curative powers on this day.
  • Mark one egg laid on Good Friday to be eaten on Easter Sunday.
  • If a child is born in Good Friday and then baptized on Easter, he or she will have the gift of healing (a boy born on Good Friday will go into the priesthood).
  • Anyone who dies on Good Friday will do directly to heaven.
  • Visits should be paid to holy wells and graveyards.
  • No fishing is done from boats – only sea food gathered on shore (seaweed; shellfish) will be part of the Easter meal.
  • One should get a haircut, to prevent headaches!

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