Making a Piping Bag

This bag can be made to any size that you require by changing the dimensions of the sheet of paper. The better quality the greaseproof paper the stronger and more resilient the bag. A large bag will pipe potato, meringue, choux paste etc. and a medium bag will pipe buttercream for muffins or fairy cakes and a small one will handle decorating icing.

The paper should be cut to a triangle. This is best achieved by cutting off a length from the roll, then taking an end up to a side and creasing the fold and cutting with a sharp knife.

1: Cut the fold in half to form a triangle
2: Take one of the paper triangles and hold it with your left hand at the middle of the longest side and with the right hand at the corner on the opposite side
3: Now move your left hand over to the right corner and curl it over to the top corner, so that it forms a cone
4: Now move your right hand to the left corner and roll it around the cone until all the corners meet at the top of the cone. Adjust the corners by moving them back and forth between your fingers until the cone forms a sharp point (see above picture)
5: Fold the corners inside several times to hold this shape. Only half fill the piping bag with icing and close by folding the side with the seam over the plain side twice


bag1 bag2
bag3 bag4

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