Cooking on a budget

We are hearing everyday that Irelands budget is going to be tough and so with economy in mind here are some money saving ideas.

1) Go for cheaper cuts of meat such as breast of lamb, liver (lamb or pigs) belly of pork, neck of lamb, skirt of beef, sausages etc.

2) Look for ways to make food go further for less. Make sausage toads, use vegetables and lentils or barley to make your beef stew go further. Pastry is always good for value, pasties, pies (large and individual), Pasta stretches a little minced beef into a hearty meal.

3)Use the leftovers to create another meal. Use mashed potato to mix with fish for fish cakes, or mix in some flour to top a pie (then sprinkle with cheese). Finish off the remains of the roast chicken by making chicken fried rice, chicken and vegetable patties or just a hearty chicken soup with crusty bread.

4)There are some pieces of equipment that help when economising. A mincer lets you make burgers from lamb, pork, chicken and of course beef. A pie plate makes wonderful pies. A pork pie tin turns left overs into a feast. A hand blender makes thick soups. A moulis makes baby food and soups. A pudding steamer makes scrumptious meat puddings and delectable hearty deserts.

Here are some mealtime ideas. I will email recipes to you if you want to give any of them a try. But only one at a time!!!

Spicy lamb burgers, Sausage toad, Chicken fried rice, Salmon and potato cakes, scotch broth with cheese scones, roast pork belly with herbs, chicken and vegetable patties, Liver, onion and potato pie, steamed marmalade pudding, pork goulash pies.

Making it yourself tastes better, is cheaper and you know exactly the quality of the ingredients.

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